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Anyone following the business news will have seen a string of high-profile companies going into administration or liquidation in recent months often leaving their suppliers out of pocket. So how do you protect your business from being a casualty? Here is some practical advice from George Goss of Goss Environmental Coatings.Get your house in order State clear payment terms in your Ts&Cs and all quotations covering when payment is due, late payment and so on.Run a credit check with one of the agencies. It doesn’t cost much but can savePhentermine Hydrochloride 37.5 Mg Online

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As spring breezes in after a grey, dull winter, now is the time we find ourselves reaching for the cleaning products to tackle that yearly spring clean. But where to start? It can feel overwhelming, looking at the dust and clutter that has settled around the house, which is why we have put together the ULTIMATE spring cleaning checklist to get you started. In our line of work, we know a thing or two about clean surfaces, so let us help: simply print out the checklist below and tackle room,Order Phentermine Online Uk

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It’s a scene you can spot in every household on a more-or-less weekly basis: kids toys and other family life paraphernalia is strewn across the house and the children themselves are nowhere to be found. With summer around the corner, try a different strategy to get your kids to be tidy, one that does benefit both parties and brings true results.The team at Goss Coatings has got plenty of knowledge on how to keep spaces clean and hygienic — we are also parents who had to overcome similar struggles inPhentermine 30Mg Buy Online Australia

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Start of the new year often means new year’s resolutions and changes to our lifestyles. From a healthier diet to de-cluttering the house, we all want to feel fresh and renewed. How about a clean and hygienic start for your kitchen?Here’s our quick checklist that will help to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic:Plan ProperlyBefore you run off to the shops re-stocking for a fresh and healthy start, consider the following tips:Make room in your fridge bearing in mind you can’t pack the fridge completely as there wouldn’t be spaceBuy Phentermine Miami

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Our job is to ensure the most hygienic environments for our clients so when it comes round to Christmas, we like to share a few expert tips to make sure you can eat, drink and be merry without any worry of spending Boxing Day in bed.Here’s our quick checklist that will help to keep Christmas happy and hygienic:Plan ProperlyBefore you run off to the shops in a flurry of excitement, consider the following tips:Make room in your fridge: bear in mind you can’t pack the fridge completely as there wouldn’tPhentermine 30Mg Buy Online

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Goss is a trading name of Goss Environmental Coatings Ltd. Registered in England & Wales, company number 02219312. Registered office: 4 Claridge Court, Lower Kings Road, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, HP4 2AF.