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Traditional hygienic coatings, conventionally and spray applied, have their place in many areas of specialist construction projects and are an ideal choice for the majority of facilities and areas which require these high-performance products. They cope with every day wear-and-tear activities, including light mechanical impacts and regular cleaning regimes.But, some areas require a more robust and chemically resistant high-performance hygienic coating system in order to meet their performance criteria (ie containment facilities, areas with aggressive cleaning regimes and areas where more impact on the walls is likely). Fibreglass reinforcement offersSEE DETAILS ...

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How is the pandemic affecting our schools?The current pandemic has changed the world of education in ways many couldn’t have foreseen. According to UNICEF, at the height of the pandemic, “approximately 91% of the world’s students in more than 194 countries were out of school.” Now that the schools have been re-opening again, we are looking at ways schools have adapted their environments to be hygienically safe.Despite the considerable disruption of the pandemic, the upcoming half-term break could be used to further future-proof the school environments with the use ofSEE DETAILS

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Have you given much thought to hygienic paint?When the pandemic hit, at the start of 2020, the businesses initial reaction was to protect the customers and their employees and thus the period of lockdown started. However, in the effort to “re-open” and keep the business going, many had to re-think the way they operate to continue protecting their staff and customers under the new regulations.The pandemic has made them consider how hygienic their paint is, the ease of cleaning and upkeep of all the surfaces and places that will comeSEE DETAILS

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Hygienic wall cladding innovation started over 30 years ago and has traditionally been used in the areas demanding the highest levels of hygiene and safety: NHS environment, laboratories, kitchens, clean rooms, wet areas. We are living in an ever-changing world, where the urgent requirement for infection control has sparked a significant discussion, the results of which will be reaching far beyond what we’ve come to view as standard hygienic environments.We are seeing an increased interest from architects and designers of workplace environments and office spaces, retirement homes, schools and universities,SEE DETAILS <span class="more-link-hov...

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At Goss Environmental Coatings, one of our most popular services is installing hygienic cladding so we thought we’d share with you the benefits of hygienic wall cladding. After polyethelene and polypropylene, PVC is the most commonly used plastic and has a diverse range of uses. Most commonly we fit it on walls, however it can be used on ceilings too.Quick to installDue to it being water-resistant, hygienic wall cladding is often used instead of tiling so it offers a much faster installation time.Easily bespoke to your measurementsCladding sheets can beSEE DETAILS

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