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Hygienic wall cladding innovation started over 30 years ago and has traditionally been used in the areas demanding the highest levels of hygiene and safety: NHS environment, laboratories, kitchens, clean rooms, wet areas. We are living in an ever-changing world, where the urgent requirement for infection control has sparked a significant discussion, the results of which will be reaching far beyond what we’ve come to view as standard hygienic environments.We are seeing an increased interest from architects and designers of workplace environments and office spaces, retirement homes, schools and universities,SEE DETAILS <span class="more-link-hov...

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At Goss Environmental Coatings, one of our most popular services is installing hygienic cladding so we thought we’d share with you the benefits of hygienic wall cladding. After polyethelene and polypropylene, PVC is the most commonly used plastic and has a diverse range of uses. Most commonly we fit it on walls, however it can be used on ceilings too.Quick to installDue to it being water-resistant, hygienic wall cladding is often used instead of tiling so it offers a much faster installation time.Easily bespoke to your measurementsCladding sheets can beSEE DETAILS

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Here at Goss, we’ve been using Trovex Diamond for over 5 years, and are now a Trovex Select Installer. We always recommend Trovex to our clients, simply because it’s the gold standard of hygienic cladding. It’s high-quality, long-life and reliable while being low-maintenance. It’s incredibly versatile, lending itself to a large range of applications across many different sectors, and meeting even the most complicated requirements. On the face of it, you might think Trovex Diamond is just another hygienic wall cladding system. But it actually has an impressive suite of benefitsSEE DETAILS ...

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Anyone following the business news will have seen a string of high-profile companies going into administration or liquidation in recent months often leaving their suppliers out of pocket. So how do you protect your business from being a casualty? Here is some practical advice from George Goss of Goss Environmental Coatings.Get your house in order State clear payment terms in your Ts&Cs and all quotations covering when payment is due, late payment and so on.Run a credit check with one of the agencies. It doesn’t cost much but can saveSEE DETAILS

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As spring breezes in after a grey, dull winter, now is the time we find ourselves reaching for the cleaning products to tackle that yearly spring clean. But where to start? It can feel overwhelming, looking at the dust and clutter that has settled around the house, which is why we have put together the ULTIMATE spring cleaning checklist to get you started. In our line of work, we know a thing or two about clean surfaces, so let us help: simply print out the checklist below and tackle room,SEE DETAILS

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