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Phentermine In Mexico Online, Generic Phentermine Online

01727 830352

Phentermine In Mexico Online, Generic Phentermine Online

Formerly Liquid Plastics, the Sikagard® hygienic coatings for walls and ceilings have been specifically designed to meet both functional and aesthetic requirements for facilities where the highest standards of hygiene are required.

Frequently used in facilities where health and safety are of utmost importance, such as healthcare, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing facilities, the Sikagard® hygienic coatings range meet all relevant health and safety standards and regulations and will help ensure that a building’s internal environment can be kept to the highest possible standards of hygiene.

Goss Environmental Coatings have been supplying and installing Sika Sikagard® hygienic coatings for well over 30 years and these aesthetically attractive and maintainable products are extremely popular amongst our diverse client base.

Sikagard® hygienic coatings and fibreglass / GRP systems are are best applied by recommended installers such as Goss Environmental Coatings Ltd – highly skilled teams, fully qualified with conventional coatings, airless spray and fibre-glassing capabilities.

Sikagard 403W (previously known as Steridex)

Sikagard 405W (previously known as Sterisheen)

Sikagard 406W (previously known as Steridex)

Reemat Lite fibreglass / GRP systems

Reemat Heavy / fibreglass GRP systems flexitape

Sika flexitape reinforcement systems

Promat Masterboard Sika Coating systems

© Image courtesy of Sika


From the moment you get in touch with us we provide the highest quality service all the way through to the job being complete.

Phentermine In Mexico Online, Generic Phentermine Online

One of our expert teams will access the task.

In-Depth Quote

Insight into our work and project duration.

Project Evaluation

Ticking the boxes of the job well done.


29 Soothouse Spring, St Albans

Herts, AL3 6PF

Phone: 01727 830 352

Phone: 01727 838 077



Goss is a trading name of Goss Environmental Coatings Ltd. Registered in England & Wales, company number 02219312. Registered office: 4 Claridge Court, Lower Kings Road, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, HP4 2AF.