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15 Reasons Why Our Customers Love Trovex Hygienic Wall Cladding

Here at Goss, we’ve been using Trovex Diamond for over 5 years, and are now a Trovex Select Installer. We always recommend Trovex to our clients, simply because it’s the gold standard of hygienic cladding. It’s high-quality, long-life and reliable while being low-maintenance. It’s incredibly versatile, lending itself to a large range of applications across many different sectors, and meeting even the most complicated requirements.


On the face of it, you might think Trovex Diamond is just another hygienic wall cladding system. But it actually has an impressive suite of benefits that explain its success. Here are 15 major benefits of using Trovex Diamond and why we so strongly recommend it.


  1. Versatility: Trovex Diamond is suitable everywhere from kitchens to gyms, from labs to lobbies. It’s suitable as a backdrop, a shower area or splashback. With a complete system that includes thermoformed corners (more below) and add-ons, it’s easy to install even in complex and challenging environments.
  2. Trovex Diamond is easy to clean: it has a smooth, antibacterial surface that’s easy to wipe down and maintain and can be washed with a simple solution of detergent and water. It’s also resistant to solvent cleaning if necessary.
  3. Trovex is durable and robust with a long life span, making it a smart long-term investment.
  4. Trovex creates whole systems so depending on your requirements, you can augment the cladding with other solutions such as doors or hygiene stations (the Trovex Hygidoor and Hygipod). They also offer stainless steel options for situations where PVC may be unsuitable, such as a kitchen splashback.
  5. Trovex can be successfully thermoformed around both internal and external corners so no gaps go uncovered and your space looks elegant.
  6. Trovex Diamond is a non-porous material that’s impervious to impact, spills and stains.
  7. With a whole range of available colours, hygienic cladding no longers means you have to settle for white (although of course that’s available). With the Ambience, Radiance and Brilliance ranges, you can choose any vibrant colour that suits you.
  8. Want more than a block of colour? The Trovex Gallery has stunning images you can choose from (perfect for reception areas and social spaces), or you can even provide your own images for a customised backdrop. Unlock all sorts of design possibilities!
  9. If you’re after a more natural wood effect or some trim for your walls, Trovex has you covered with their Essence laminate options and their Resilience range for wall protection.
  10. Finally, Trovex can colour match your walls with custom trim, welds and even silicone.
  11. Trovex Diamond meets BREEAM requirements and is tested by BRE.
  12. Trovex is a non-timber product, has no impact on rainforests, and is completely recyclable at the end of its long lifespan. Post-production waste is regenerated into raw material, and the low oil content ensures minimal carbon impact.
  13. Trovex has a proven track record with clients, architects and end users – and Goss!
  14. Trovex have an excellent customer service team. It makes it so easy to work with them and efficiently resolve any queries we, or our customers, may have.
  15. Our customers absolutely love the product, leading to repeat business and long-term relationships. When everyone’s happy it’s great for the customer, great for Trovex, and great for us.


If you’d like to find more about Trovex or get a free installation quote, get in touch!



George Goss

George Goss is the owner of Goss Environmental Coatings. For over 30 years they've been providing hygienic wall cladding, hygienic coatings and other hygienic solutions to clients including the NHS, Boots, The British Army and many others.