10 Reasons Why Customers Love Hygienic Cladding Systems

Hygienic wall cladding innovation started over 30 years ago and has traditionally been used in the areas demanding the highest levels of hygiene and safety: NHS environment, laboratories, kitchens, clean rooms, wet areas. We are living in an ever-changing world, where the urgent requirement for infection control has sparked a significant discussion, the results of which will be reaching far beyond what we’ve come to view as standard hygienic environments.

We are seeing an increased interest from architects and designers of workplace environments and office spaces, retirement homes, schools and universities, and other public and domestic environments. Hygienic and easy cleaning surfaces have become a necessity for all of the existing schools, universities as well as offices, all now looking for ways to keep their premises cleaned properly, easy to maintain as well as aesthetically pleasing and attractive.

Hygienic wall cladding isn’t just about utilitarian white sheets – here are 10 reasons why customers love hygienic cladding systems:

Style and substance Customers

Customers select hygienic wall cladding when they want to impress without compromising on durability and cleanliness. Manufacturers such as Altro and Trovex have interesting and attractive colour ranges, with satin and deep gloss finishes available.

‘Wall Designs’ by Altro is an elegant range of natural effects in wood, stone, metal or linen, perfect for areas of general circulation as well as wet environments such as spas and bathrooms. Both manufacturers offer digital images integrated into their hygienic cladding offer i.e. Altro Digiclad and Trovex Diamond.


In today’s infection control focused world, hygiene is at the forefront of a customer’s mind when installing a hygienic wall system. A popular choice in both hospitals and kitchens, proprietary UPVC hygienic wall panels are non-porous, stain-resistant and boast impressive hygienic properties and bacterial resistance. Furthermore, once welded together, these panels create a seamless exterior preventing the development of bacteria-harbouring cracks. Proprietary manufacturers such as Altro and Trovex offer colour matched welds, trims and silicones for integrated hygienic cladding installation.

Messaging in the COVID and post COVID world

Sending important messages to building users/staff/students/patients/employees  can be achieved very effectively by combining custom printed signage with hygienic wall cladding for a robust ‘on message’ hygienic finish. Altro ‘Digiclad’ and Trovex ‘Gallery’ can be customized to promote your message or indeed brand and logo, combining high-quality aesthetics and important communications functionality.

Creating atmosphere

Hygienic wall systems come in a seemingly endless range of colours, finishes and material effects that help with the topical task of user-conscious space design and creating chosen environments and environments in building environments. Whether you wish to stimulate or soothe, modern wall cladding products offer versatility for any environment.

For example, soothing images are often integrated into robust hygienic cladding finishes and used across the medical and mental health sectors.

Flexible Uses

Though often characterized as products for large, public sector buildings, hygienic wall cladding products scale down easily for domestic spaces or small service areas. Splashbacks offer the perfect protection for small areas behind basins, sinks and kitchen counters, providing a convenient alternative to the unhygienic grouting between ceramic tiles. Hygienic cladding can often be retrofitted over tiles (using the correct preparation and installation techniques) so it is perfect for washroom environments and refurbishments.

Creativity and Innovative design

Looking to inject some real creative flair and design innovation into your renovation project? You may consider a bespoke custom print option using UV-cured inks to transfer a company logo, photographic image or art image onto a sheet of wall cladding, then a special hard-coat technology protects the image from surface degradation, scratches and general wear and tear for maximum durability. Altro Digiclad and Trovex Diamond offer that great option!

Highest Level of Health and Safety Standards

Considering the type of environments most likely to benefit from hygienic wall systems, hygienic wall cladding products maintain the highest level of health and safety standards. The material used to make cladding sheets is food-safe PVCu polymer, which can withstand temperatures up to 60°C. The grout-free, 2.5mm hygienic PVC, when installed correctly and fixed with trowelled adhesive makes this finish perfect for commercial kitchens and associated areas.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Installation isn’t the end of the story. The importance of cleaning and maintenance is ensured by a manufacturer’s guarantee and technical support. High-quality proprietary manufacturers offer customer support teams and user-friendly websites whilst technical literature can provide advice on sterilisation, cleaning, repairs and stain removal.

Protection for High Traffic Areas

With the hustle and bustle of busy public areas in mind, proprietary hygienic cladding manufacturers also offer complimentary wall protection systems for high traffic areas. Altro Fortis Titanium and Trovex Resilience offer tough protection over time and are available for use in such environments. These more ‘matt’, slightly textured finishes are perfect for use in high traffic education/ healthcare areas where the walls suffer inevitable damage in form of repeated knocks, scratches and dents caused by wheeled traffic.

Another area where the wall protection and hygienic cladding systems can complement each other is on a new building/refurbishment project, providing integrated hygienic cladding/wall protection solutions across a building.

One Installation Team, Complete Package

Hygienic wall cladding and wall protection systems can both be installed by the same experienced installation teams and complemented with proprietary corner protectors such as Altro Fortis and other add ons that might be required, providing an integrated hygienic cladding and wall protection package!

It’s a holistic approach to designing spaces – the journey doesn’t end with selecting the wall cladding system. Good quality manufacturers offer a selection of colours, textures and finishes complimented with colour matched accessories and add on products. The customers love the ultimate mix of durability, design, safety and ease of cleaning, creating a complete high quality clean and cleanable hygienic surface solution.

Hygienic wall cladding systems offer an abundance of aesthetic choices from material effects and statement walls to custom print options. Proprietary manufacturers such as Altro and Trovex offer a track record, performance, durability, hygiene, safety and technical support. The installation is offered via a network of trained and recommended hygienic cladding installers such as Goss Environmental Coatings Ltd.

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George Goss

George Goss is the owner of Goss Environmental Coatings. For over 30 years they've been providing hygienic wall cladding, hygienic coatings and other hygienic solutions to clients including the NHS, Boots, The British Army and many others.