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BioClad provides a range of hygienic cladding and wall protection systems and products including  BioClad Advanced PVC, a highly versatile product which can be used in almost any environment to form a smooth, cleanable, hygienic surface. 

The hygienic cladding systems can be installed using colour matched trims, silicones and weld rods. The product can be thermoformed and welded. 

The smooth hygienic BioClad PVC wall cladding panels are easily cleanable and there is no grouting  required (unlike traditional tiling systems). 

The panels are aesthetically attractive, and highly functional ie easily cleanable. 

The BioClad Advanced PVC cladding panels do not flake or corrode like paint and steel, and BioClad products come with a 20 year guarantee.

BioClad hygienic cladding can be applied by recommended installers such as Goss Environmental  Coatings Ltd – highly skilled teams, fully qualified with thermoforming and welding capabilities. 


BioClad Antimicrobial PVC

BioClad Advanced PVC

BioClad Bioarmis

BioClad Photoclad

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