10 reasons to use fibreglass reinforcement

Traditional hygienic coatings, conventionally and spray applied, have their place in many areas of specialist construction projects and are an ideal choice for the majority of facilities and areas which require these high-performance products. They cope with every day wear-and-tear activities, including light mechanical impacts and regular cleaning regimes.

But, some areas require a more robust and chemically resistant high-performance hygienic coating system in order to meet their performance criteria (ie containment facilities, areas with aggressive cleaning regimes and areas where more impact on the walls is likely). Fibreglass reinforcement offers an extra level of robustness / chemical resistance and can be suitable for a wide range of operations and environments where extra protection is required!

There are various high-performance hygienic coating systems available, utilising fibreglass reinforcement such as:

  • Sika Sikagard AL12 Reemat Heavy system
  • Sika Sikagard AL11 Reemat Lite system
  • CS Wallglaze FG light systems – Walllflex, Armourglaze
  • CS Wallfglaze FG heavy systems – Wallflex, Armourglaze

The properties of our hygienic fibreglass systems help resolve numerous design challenges, whilst improving long term maintenance / lifecycle costs and hygienic performance. Here is top 10 reasons to use fibreglass reinforcement for your next installation:-

1. Maximum Hygiene – tanking to form fully sealed and seamless surfaces free of trims and joints. This prevents surfaces from having crevices which harbour bacteria and mould.

2. Easy to Clean – These robust, seamless, chemically resistant surfaces are easy to clean and will withstand robust cleaning regimes.

3. Colour stable– Two-pack polyurethane systems such as CS Armourglaze and CS Wallglaze are extremely colour stable, minimising the issue of fade or discolouration in situ.

4. Strong & Durable – Fully reinforced fibreglass coating systems are robust and tough, built for long service.

5. Low Maintenance – Fibreglass system provides high resilience and robustness and does not require so much overpainting, freshening up as per conventional paint systems

6. Economical – Always consider the lifecycle costs. We have been back to FG jobs which were done 25 years ago and have NEVER been recoated and are in fighting fit form and still meeting their performance criteria. All very well putting a conventional coating on the wall but consider: how often do you paint it? What are the down time costs?

7. Aesthetically attractive – Fibreglass reinforced systems can be top-coated with most BS or RAL topcoat colours

8. Power washable and Steam cleanable – Many fibreglass systems (installed correctly) can be power washed and steam cleaned effectively if applied to the correct specification

9. Chemically resistant – Fibreglass reinforced two-pack polyurethane, epoxy, acrylic systems can withstand chemical cleaning, fumigants and decontamination regimes that conventional paints will not

10. Resistant to cracking and flaking – Fibreglass systems are less prone to cracking than conventional coating systems and, indeed, may bridge cracks which occur in the substrate (depending on nature and size of the issue) – again, minimising the need for invasive emergency shut down works and repairs and providing critical resilience in containment laboratories.

From beautiful design to high performance and everything in between, fibreglass reinforced systems offer many advantages to our customers, especially in the field of hygiene and cleaning. Taking into account how economical these systems are, also adds to the list of advantages of fibreglass coating systems.

The friendly and professional team at Goss Environmental Coatings are trusted installers of fibreglass and can deliver any project to exact timings, especially important when operating in line with your business schedule. If you’d like to know more, please contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions.



George Goss

George Goss is the owner of Goss Environmental Coatings. For over 30 years they've been providing hygienic wall cladding, hygienic coatings and other hygienic solutions to clients including the NHS, Boots, The British Army and many others.