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Highgate School North London

First established in 1565, the prestigious Highgate School is a leading independent educational facility situated in one of the most attractive and sought after areas of North London. The school has an extensive estate, comprising buildings of various age and styles, including Victorian buildings with listed building status and an outdoor centre located in Snowdonia. The latest addition to the campus is the Charter Building which was designed by Orms architects as the new main entrance to the school. With 1,460 pupils and approximately 400 teaching and support staff at the school, the designer/architect needed a robust, high performance coating system to be used on the vertical balustrade surfaces of a highly trafficked staircase - the staircase balustrade being the centre-point of the lobby design.

The coating, an alternative to cladding or conventional coating solutions, was to be used on multi-junctioned sectional panelled surfaces and would need to be cleanable and easy to maintain for this highly trafficked pedestrian thoroughfare at the very heart of the building.
Leading global building product manufacturer Sika have a range of products and solutions ideally suited for use in areas of high trafficking and where increased impact resistance may be required. Formerly of Liquid Plastics, the Sikagard® range of hygienic coatings for walls and ceilings have been specifically designed to meet both functional and aesthetic needs.
Sikagard®-205W (Sterisheen) and Sikagard®-307W (Sterisept) offer far more than traditional paints, providing exceptional durability as well as enhance resistance to cracking, splitting and flaking. This market leading durability and strength coupled with the fast drying properties of these products, which allow two coats to be applied within 24 hours, lead to their specification. Available in a wide spectrum of colours these Sikagard® hygienic coatings offer the aesthetic flexibly and design adaptability required to provide a vibrant learning environment.  
With many years experience of applying the Sikagard® products and systems, Goss Environmental Coatings once again delivered a coating solution that combined fast application, high performance and long term reliability. The programme for completion was very tight, and involved working in close proximity to other trades but the low odour nature of the Sikagard® coatings, coupled with careful planning by Vinci (the main contractor) and Goss Environmental Coatings, enabled multiple trades to work in close proximity within the area under construction, whilst the works were going on.   With the staircase balustrade fully coated with the bright products, a stunning centre-point was created at the very heart of the building. A complete solution from Goss Environmental Coatings and Sika has given the architects peace of mind that their aesthetic vision has been realised whilst making the new facilities accessible to those pupils, staff and visitors with reduced mobility.

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Highgate School


Full Balustrade


Sikagard®-205W (Sterisheen) and Sikagard®-307W