Why The Pandemic Has Made Businesses Consider How Hygienic Their Paint Is

Have you given much thought to hygienic paint?

When the pandemic hit, at the start of 2020, the businesses initial reaction was to protect the customers and their employees and thus the period of lockdown started. However, in the effort to “re-open” and keep the business going, many had to re-think the way they operate to continue protecting their staff and customers under the new regulations.

The pandemic has made them consider how hygienic their paint is, the ease of cleaning and upkeep of all the surfaces and places that will come into daily contact with people.

We’ve looked at a number of different businesses that have been hit the hardest by the pandemic and the hygienic paint solutions that could help them not only re-start but also thrive under these new conditions. The strategy is fourfold:

  • React efficiently to the changing threat of Covid 19 and implement effective logistic, hygiene and fabric solutions on premises

  • Clean and mobilise reactive maintenance upon customers leaving the premises, taking into account potential reduced staffing levels, all the while implementing social distancing measures and without increasing expenditure by employing a deep clean contractor.

  • Maintain sustainable levels of occupancy also planning and preparing for the future in the changing conditions.

  • Implementing procedures and taking actions to mitigate the impact of future waves / pandemic threats


Restaurants, hotels, departure lounges, bar lounges – all of these have one thing in common: high volumes of people interacting with multiple surfaces on a daily basis.

Businesses had to consider a redesign, including high performance anti microbial and / or chemical resistant hygienic paint for both front-of-house and kitchen environments. Particularly in front-of-house, where the requirement is for aesthetics as well as cleanliness, the businesses have to meet customers’ changing attitudes and varying expectations.

There are various hygienic paint systems that might be considered:-

Wallflex by CS Wallglaze is easy to maintain superior and a versatile hygienic paint, suitable for both dry and ‘wet’ environments (with hygienic mastic and fibreglass component options). It compliments kitchens’ regular cleaning routines and the surfaces treated with Wallflex may be steam cleaned to ensure thorough deep clean and sterilization if they are prepared and emdedded into FG heavy fibreglass reinforcement.


For many pupils and staff the start of the new school year will mean unfamiliar restrictions, not just in the form of face masks and hand sanitising but also adhering to social distancing in classrooms and common areas.

The prestigious Highgate School in North London has to cater for over 1460 students and approx 400 teaching and support staff. They chose Sikagard robust hygienic coating paint for the vertical staircase balustrades, the centre-point of the lobby. Sikagard hygienic coatings such as Sikagard 406W Sterimatt; 405W Sterisheen and 403W Steridex provide exceptional durability, high resistance to cracking, splitting and flaking. The uniform surface is cleanable with most proprietary detergents and is non leaching, making it the perfect solution for the busy school requiring regular and robust cleaning.


Being at the forefront of the pandemic required healthcare providers to be extra considerate and thorough with their hygienic paint.

The sudden onslaught on the waiting rooms, surgeries and hospitals have put pressure on hygienic paint requirements of these businesses, inside and out. The chosen hygienic paint must be flexible and cater to frequent, often highly chemical cleaning schedules.

CS Wallglaze offers a portfolio of products with extra durable hygienic wall coating systems, some with antimicrobial additives that are suitable for even the most demanding environments. Armourglaze is a tough, chemical abrasion resistant hygienic paint that can be used in laboratories as well as mortuaries and aseptic environments. It is highly resistant to chemicals and can be treated with VHP and formaldehyde fumigant systems. This specialist hygienic paint can be used in a variety of aggressive environments and its fumigation resistance qualities makes it an important product in the fight for infection control.

CS Wallglaze also offer a solvent product with similar characteristics – CS Wallglaze Wallflex.

Leisure and entertainment

Gyms, swimming pools, bars, pubs, theatres and stadiums all had to consider every area that comes into contact with their customers and staff.

Extra pressures were brought on by the requirement for durability and ease of installation as hygienic paint needed to be applied in short time and bring on instant protection from the moment of reopening of the businesses.

The redesign of changing rooms to incorporate one way movement of the members, the challenges brought on by social distancing rules indoors of pubs, theatres and other performance venues, all of these can be met by the Sika / CS Wallglaze portfolio of hygienic coatings – many of which can be applied Fastrack with careful planning and experienced / trained installers. General impact resistance and durability are very important, as well as compatibility with design and increased footfall in certain areas. The coatings must be capable to cater for temperature changes / specific environmental conditions and applicable to a range of substrates – plaster, render, tiles, previously painted walls and ceilings.

Businesses and Companies are facing some of the toughest times, from redesigning their operations in line with the new restrictions applied by the government, to considering the upgrade and maintenance of their current venues. Hygienic paint offers a fast and versatile solution, with excellent cleaning properties and a wide range of colours and designs to suit.

Proprietary manufacturers such as Sika and CS Wallglaze offer a track record, performance, durability, hygiene, safety and technical support. The installation is offered via a network of trained and recommended hygienic paint systems installers such as Goss Environmental Coatings Ltd. We also offer a range of other hygienic coatings / GRP via other manufacturers and have extensive experience installing other premium products such as Dulux, Bradite, APML and 3M.

Goss Environmental Coatings also install high quality hygienic cladding and wall protection systems – Altro, Trovex, Gradus, Construction Specialities.

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George Goss

George Goss is the owner of Goss Environmental Coatings. For over 30 years they've been providing hygienic wall cladding, hygienic coatings and other hygienic solutions to clients including the NHS, Boots, The British Army and many others.