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Operating Theatres and Aseptic Environments

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Operating Theatres and Aseptic Areas
Hygienic cladding and coatings installers for operating theatres, clean rooms, laboratories, clinical and aseptic areas.

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Not only is hygiene and cleanliness paramount in these areas, but downtime can be extremely expensive.

High quality, seamless, grout free, maintainable and chemically resistant systems must be used in such environments and applied to a high standard by experienced installers - with a focus on quality and durability.

Requirements for these aseptic areas are specific and exacting. They require wall/ceiling finishes that are joint-less, seamless, maintainable, cleanable, bacteria and germ free.

Hygienic cladding in these areas is designed to be durable and easy to clean to minimise down time. They require smooth, seamless surfaces, low or no texture, usually with welded joints and thermoformed corners.

Reinforced hygienic coating systems can also often be used, combining chemical resistance and seamless physical robustness.

Examples of Products / Systems:
  • Trovex Diamond
  • Altro Whiterock
  • Construction Specialities Hydroclad
  • Sika Sikagard AL12 Hygienic Coating System
  • Sika Sikagard AL11 Hygienic Coating System
  • Construction Specialities Wallglaze Wallflex FG Heavy System
  • Construction Specialities Wallglaze Wallflex FG Light System

In low impact (but high hygiene areas) non fibreglass proprietary coating systems such as:
  • CS Wallglaze Wallflex
  • CS Wallglaze Armourglaze
  • Sika Sikagard 403W Steridex
  • Sika Sikagard 405W Sikagard Sterisheen
  • Sika Sikagard 406 Sikagard Sterimatt
  • Sika AS11 Wallcoat systems
  • Sika AS12 Wallcoat systems

Often specific colour schemes are required and / or low glare / specific LRV values, requiring tailor made solutions.
With careful planning, many of above systems can be installed ‘fast track’ with minimum disruption to operations and facilities.
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