Hygienic cladding at the prestigious Hills Road 6th form college in Cambridge

We were delighted to undertake the installation of hygienic wall cladding at the prestigious Hills Road 6th Form College in Cambridge.

The Hills Road 6th Form College was established on 15 September 1974 and has grown to offer 2,000 local students a wide range of courses, alongside a further 4,000 students studying on a part-time basis.

Given this number of students and tutors, the communal areas need to be exceptionally hardwearing.

Phase 1 of this 2-phase project was carried out over the summer of 2021. The college building required a comprehensive refurbishment of a WC areas, including gender neutral facilities.

The second phase of the project was the hygienic cladding of their new kitchen and café area which followed in the Autumn of 2021.

As with the majority of projects undertaken for the Education sector, the hygienic cladding installation was carried out following a detailed risk assessment and to a clearly defined fast track timescale.

Hygienic cladding for complex structures and surfaces

Complicated structures can pose a challenge, hygienic cladding installation requires expert planning to achieve accurate shaping, sleek surfaces and clean corners - using specialist thermoforming equipment and skilled hygienic cladding installers. For phase one of the project the central washroom island provided the complexity, with a number of different angles and panel sizes to contend with.

Our client wanted all surfaces of the island walls wrapped in hygienic cladding to provide the sleek designed look. To ensure we delivered the works to the highest standard, our installers carefully assessed all the angles of the island and planned the positioning of thermoformed bends, joints and welds.

We recommended Trovex Silver Lining to the Cambridge based contractor managing the project, and this cladding was specified for the final installation. Decisions were made as to where we needed to weld the joints and where it was possible to thermoform the sheets. This careful planning ensured, not only the sleek appearance and hygienic finish required, but also the most effective use of sheet sizes.

Planning was particularly important, not only for the aesthetics of the island, but also to ensure the cladding was 100% watertight to prevent any water seeping into the island's main structure.

Hygienic cladding for new kitchen and café

Our works within the kitchen and café followed a detailed set of marked up drawings sent to us by the St Albans based contractor - Borras Construction Ltd (one of the foremost building companies in the UK South Education and Medical sectors). The hygienic cladding was installed to most of the wall surfaces within the kitchen and café areas. The only exception were zones where surface temperatures would reach above the maximum allowed level of 60°C for the cladding

Following discussions with the client and contractor, it was decided that the best solution would be to install Trovex Diamond White.

Trovex Diamond White was chosen as it has a range of applications that can deal with even the most complex requirements. The hygienic cladding is highly versatile and can be thermoformed around corners, married up with stainless-steel surfaces and applied to a range of substrates.

In addition, the cladding is tough, long-lasting and impervious to impact, spills and stains, making it the ideal solution for the kitchen and café area of the college.

Goss Environmental Coatings always install hygienic cladding with two pack adhesive (no short cuts!) to ensure maximum adhesion and longevity.

The final finish with the Trovex White cladding gave the kitchen and café areas a smooth and sleek look without compromising the hygiene.

Our works were carried out over the Autumn of 2021 and completed on time and to budget, with final handover in November 2021.

Naturally, we were pleased to hear that both the college and the contractor were delighted with the results. We are looking forward to working with them again on their next project.

Goss Environmental Coatings are the main UK South Trovex Select Installer (TSI) with longstanding extensive experience the various Trovex ranges: Trovex Diamond; Trovex Resilience; Trovex Essence and the customised Trovex Digiclad products.

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George Goss

George Goss is the owner of Goss Environmental Coatings. For over 30 years they've been providing hygienic wall cladding, hygienic coatings and other hygienic solutions to clients including the NHS, Boots, The British Army and many others.