Hygienic Cladding

Cladding Primary School in Hemel Hempstead

An innovative use of hygienic wall cladding

We were recently contacted by a building contractor working for a Primary School in Hemel Hempstead. The contractor required an incredibly quick turnaround cladding installation on a project they were working on. From the initial enquiry being received on Wednesday, the works needed to be completed by the following weekend, which happened to be the Easter weekend!

The project not only had a super urgent deadline, it additionally wasn’t a traditional use of hygienic wall cladding, as it was not going to be fitted to actual walls. The school and contractor wanted to clad skylight fascia reveals.

Thinking outside the box - cladding the inside!

This was a very creative way of thinking about how hygienic wall cladding can help provide a solution for an often-overlooked interior surface.

Using hygienic wall cladding would provide an easy to clean surface that can often become dirty due to invertebrates attracted to light as well as the general school hubbub.

Specialist cladding team

The project did, however, offer some challenges. It was a tricky task due to our expert cladders needing to install multiple strips of hygienic cladding, of precise sizing, as each of the skylight boxes had different dimensions, coupled with the fact that there were eleven in total.

Following a discussion with the contractor and school, it was decided that Trovex White would be the best solution. The Trovex White could be cut to size and installed with an external angle fitted at bottom junction of the skylight to ceiling.

During the works, each of the precisely cut cladding strips had to be prepared on site then carefully installed, working at height and at speed to ensure all installations were completed before the beginning of the school summer term.

Thankfully, the contractor kindly provided use their scaffold tower for safe access to work on the skylights.

In order for us to effectively deliver on time and to budget, we had to very quickly mobilise for the works and arrange for all the labour and materials. We are proud to say that our team worked really hard to ensure everything was completed before school reopening after Easter holidays.

After completing the works and due to the success of the first phase of the project, we are delighted to have been invited back, as there will be a second phase of the same works during the May Half Term.

George Goss, Managing Director of Goss Environmental Coatings said “Many of our customers have seen the light, extending the use of hygienic cladding beyond kitchen walls and corridor surfaces. Hygienic Cladding is a perfect solution for areas that need to be maintenance free and easily cleaned. Love this use of Trovex on skylight surfaces! So much better than a painted surface and will last much much longer, negating future refurbishment and repainting costs.”.



George Goss

George Goss is the owner of Goss Environmental Coatings. For over 30 years they've been providing hygienic wall cladding, hygienic coatings and other hygienic solutions to clients including the NHS, Boots, The British Army and many others.