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January is a month of new beginnings, fresh starts, marvelling at how far we’ve come and looked into the future. At the end of 2020, after one of the most challenging years in all our histories, it seemed like a great idea to reflect on the journey of Goss Environmental Coatings ltd


Our founder, Mike Goss, has worked in the specialist coatings business all his life. From an apprenticeship with British Railways in the ‘60s, through major coatings manufacturing companies’ technical services and marketing departments and then as a consultant to a number of other major projects and coatings companies both in the UK and overseas.

Gaining a lot of experience after working with several contractors, consultants and direct for pharmaceutical research companies, Mike has identified that there was a very real need and demand for a specialised coatings installation/application company with a difference. The company would both correctly interpret and identify the requirements of the medical, pharmaceutical and research sectors who demand effective and long performing coatings. Furthermore, it’s been deemed crucial to install those systems in a timely fashion and correctly the first time.


The importance of getting the job done both expeditiously and correctly has considerable benefits in the world of the clients we are referring to.


Research work is often long term and the integrity and cleanliness of the building it is being conducted in is of paramount importance. A forced shutdown during a drug development programme due to contamination would be disastrous as the whole programme may need to be aborted. The cost is unimaginable. Also, in, say, surgical operating theatres the minimization of “lost” time is of upmost importance and the cost of lost facility time is the loss of a great deal of revenue and wasted resources to the hospitals, not to mention the human cost of postponing life-improving operations.

Goss Environmental Coatings Ltd (GECL) was created with this knowledge and a clearly identified and recognized demand.


Early clients were GlaxoSmithKline, Ely Lilly, Merck Sharpe and Dome, Ciba Giegy and the like. Mike Goss and his team began by installing specialist coatings into the clients’ research facilities and production areas. GECL also worked with major contractors, specialist contractors and facilities management companies who were constructing and maintaining these facilities.


In the medical field, GECL tackled operating theatre departments in both the NHS and private sectors. Major NHS teaching hospitals were provided for as well as the private groups such as BUPA, BMI, Hospital Corporation of America – HCA (both at home and overseas). Our fast, accurate and long-lasting installations have been utilized in university research departments in, for example: Cambridge, Oxford, London University College,  Bristol, Bath, Exeter, Aberystwyth and many others. We often work through and over weekends and holidays to facilitate our clients’ emergency requirements if and as required.

Our company was built on strong values of planning, getting it right the first time and without undue fuss. These values and our reputation has helped to grow the business have grown by word of mouth and by trading on our reputation.


GECL was passed over to George Goss in 2004 and under his guidance and diligence has grown and prospered with additional innovation and diversity. Loyal teams of highly skilled, motivated operatives have been trained and kept, all embracing the company’s original philosophy and aims.  Administration and systems have adopted the latest methodology. We continue to be the company to provide environmental finishes, both coatings and cladding to discerning clients, first time to the highest standards, without fuss at a fair price for a high quality service.


George had worked extensively with Goss Environmental Coatings whilst at school and university and then departed for a period of extensive sales and marketing work abroad, working for large blue-chip international organisations across the globe. As the first decade of the 21st century came to an end and already firmly embedded at the helm of Goss, George identified a clear shift in the cleanroom and medical sector towards the use of high-performance hygienic cladding systems (Altro Whiterock and Trovex etc) alongside or in lieu of specialist hygienic coatings and he forged strong relationships with some of the strongest manufacturers in these sectors such as Altro, Trovex, Sika and Construction Specialities.


He developed specialised teams in both the hygienic coatings and hygienic cladding / wall protection sectors, exploring opportunities in both fields and also extended services to other customer areas, likewise requiring such technologies, such as education, food and beverage manufacturing , leisure and hospitality.


In 2020 Olga Goss fully joined the team of established key personnel, some of whom has been with the company for longer than 15 years. Olga has an international sales and marketing background and is instrumental in assisting the coordination of the exponentially increasing enquiries (from repeat clients, new customers and contractors) for high-quality hygienic coatings and hygienic cladding installations delivered to a high standard, on time and at competitive prices.


In 2020 / 2021 GECL have been heavily involved in strategic COVID related work, testing centres, research facilities and, more recently, manufacturing units.


Since 1988, GECL has witnessed economic turbulence, been involved in strategic work related to research into the various, animal or human medical emergencies (Foot and Mouth, SARS, Bird Flu, Ebola) but, as all of us, have never quite experienced anything such as the disruption caused by Covid in 2020!! It’s created challenges and opportunities but, through weathering this storm as a unified organisation, Goss Environmental Coatings has become a stronger, more technologically advanced, adaptable and versatile company.


As a family and a business we believe in diligence, integrity and focus – on doing our best to develop our core – work with great suppliers, operatives, employees, clients and customers and continue to supply and install high quality surface protection systems – hygienic cladding, hygienic coatings and wall protection – making the buildings of our country more hygienic, attractive and safe!