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Whether you own a cat or a dog, professionals working at pet parlours are the experts you’d call onto for ensuring your pet looks its best. Bathing, brushing, drying, nail trimming, and more, a well-equipped and hygienically safe pet parlour is what you want for your pet.

The challenges these parlours are facing are multiple:
Frequent washing and treatments can subject the walls and floor of the treatment room to excessive water, steam, and product splashes
Scratches, bumps, and minor accidental damage from use
Abrasion and chemical damage from the usage of cleaning products
Everyday wear and tear


In spring this year, we completed an installation of hygienic cladding to the walls of the treatment room of Charlotte’s Pet Parlour. We’ve worked for RJ O’Neill Property Services who were overseeing the project and provided guidance. RJ ONeill Property services are a family-run business with a wealth of experience, supremely focused on exceeding the customer’s expectations. We enjoyed working with them as our work ethos aligns with theirs and we were confident we will be able to deliver the best work, on time and on budget.

Installing Trovex Diamond ‘Stone’ (from the Ambience range) and ‘Monsoon’ (Radiance range)
, our team has fitted the hygienic cladding strictly as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. The installation was executed to the highest standard, fixed with two-pack adhesive for maximum longevity. The team ensured the corners were seamlessly protected by thermoforming the sheets and welding them together for a high quality seamless hygienic finish.

We’re experts in hygienic cladding; hygienic coatings and wall protection, with over 31 years of experience in this field, we are confident we will be able to fulfill your requirements, on budget and on time. Goss Environmental Coatings are recommended Altro Whiterock installers, Trovex Select Installers and Approved Construction Specialities Acrovyn installers, fully CHAS, ISO9001 and CSCS accredited, offering a range of hygienic fabric installation services.


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It’s often not about banging up 100 sheets a week. Regular clients need tailor-made (and often) imaginative solutions for issues in the buildings, often involving ingenuity and retrofitting.

In this instance, our good long-standing pharmaceutical client in Hertfordshire cladded the (previously tiled) wall surfaces in their changing rooms, as part of a refurbishment project, with Trovex Diamond hygienic cladding (welded and thermoformed) – undertaken by Goss – and installed new lockers and cubicles.

However, due to a design oversight, there was a void left in the corners where the lockers met (see below) and the client was concerned this was an ongoing dirt trap in a facility where the utmost levels of cleanliness and hygiene are critical in all areas. 


  • During a facility shut down, Goss Environmental Coatings Ltd cladding teams (Trovex Select Installer) delivered on the entire project:
  • Liaised with the client
  • Re-entered the area
  • Dismantled and removed the lockers in the target rooms (4 changing areas)
  • Built a stud framework
  • Re-cladded with Trovex Diamond
  • Replaced the lockers
  • Reworked the ceiling tiles
  • Re-siliconed, with minimum disruption to the client’s ongoing operations, all during a short duration shutdown period
  • All sheets were fixed with two-pack adhesive, thermoformed and welded
  • All materials were sourced directly from the proprietary manufacturer.

Goss Environmental Coatings have worked for this client for over 10 years, performing new works and ongoing reactive and planned maintenance and participating in major shutdown works, at least once or twice a year, supplying and installing hygienic cladding, hygienic coatings, wall protection and undertaking fast-track decorating works.

If you have shutdowns and need a reliable company to serve your hygienic finishes needs during shutdown periods, the Goss team is here to help!

We’re experts in hygienic cladding; hygienic coatings and wall protection, with over 31 years of experience in this field, we are confident we will be able to fulfill your requirements, on budget and on time. Goss Environmental Coatings are recommended Altro Whiterock installers, Trovex Select Installers and Approved Construction Specialities Acrovyn installers, fully CHAS, ISO9001 and CSCS accredited, offering a range of hygienic fabric installation services.

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The pandemic has swept across the whole world, starting in late 2019 and becoming part of our lives from then on. The new hygienic measures introduced by governments to keep the nations of the world safe (and prevent further increase in numbers) are many and have caused a number of potential complications for businesses but also for our everyday lives.


We’ve looked at a few businesses and areas of everyday life to observe just how hygienic is the post-covid world.

For many, their homes became not only their places of rest and relaxation but also their workplaces. The requirement to stay at home and work from home wherever feasible has redefined the way we’re keeping our homes hygienic.

Regular cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces with soap or detergent and water have become part of the everyday cleaning routine. High touch surfaces include worktops, tables and computer keyboards but also door handles, handrails, bathroom surfaces, taps, phones, tablets, remote controls, game controllers and favourite toys.

Always ensure to wipe the cleaning product off and follow up with disinfectant. For electronic devices, we use alcohol wipes to avoid damaging the electronics.

Hygienic cladding is a fantastic solution for those areas in your home where there’s heavy traffic, frequent and rigorous cleaning and where hygienic upkeep can often be quite time-consuming. Thanks to its highly cleanable surface, hygienic cladding applied by expert professionals such as our teams at Goss provides protection yet cleanability for your bathrooms, kitchen splashbacks, mudrooms or garages.


Schools and Child Care
Schools and child care had to adopt new guidelines and practices of cleaning, disinfection and hand hygiene to help reduce the risk of exposure and spread of coronavirus. Hygienically clean signage and notices have been implemented, in corridors, classrooms and communal areas, specifically informing students and staff about correct mask-wearing practices and hand hygiene.

Some schools have made use of the temporary lockdowns to update their surface coatings with new easy-to-clean paints that are ideal for frequent cleaning and increased maintenance schedules and have installed hygienic cladding and wall protection in areas such as washroom, toilets and changing areas.

Additionally, we’ve observed there’s been inquiries about classroom specific projects: hygienic cladding for splashbacks in art classes and food tech classes, labs and science classes requiring hygienic wall paint and cladding solutions for the sink areas and heavy traffic areas. The time pressure on finishing all the upgrades in time for schools reopening have emphasised the need for a team of professional installers like Goss Environmental Coatings to ensure the projects are finished in a timely manner and in the highest long-lasting quality.

Leisure and communal life
Many indoor sports and leisure facilities have had to adapt to new hygienic requirements and implement one-way travel systems for their members to ensure the natural flow of pedestrian traffic, allow for social distancing and adhere to government requirements.

Parks, open spaces and outdoor playgrounds have become the new centres of communal living, under the update hygienic guidelines. Targeted use of disinfectant on frequently touched surfaces such as handrails and benches, combined with discouraging gatherings of large groups of people to comply with social distancing has allowed playgrounds to remain open or partially open during the pandemic.

Restrooms and washrooms remained open, wherever possible, supplied with handwashing products and regularly cleaned by attending staff. More regimented and rigorous cleaning schedules have been implemented, especially on the most frequently touched surfaces and more robust fabrics, coatings and wall protection systems have been utilized to withstand these increasingly aggressive cleaning regimes.

We’ve recently completed hygienic cladding works on a brand new PureGym in Chelmsford, using Jemiclad, high quality advanced Hygienic PVC system, in the shower, changing and restroom areas.

This forward-looking gym provider (with over 250 sites in the UK), expanding aggressively and rapidly in the UK (even in these difficult and uncertain times), have expanded their facilities and site locations, extensively utilising high-quality hygienic cladding systems in strategic coatings. The facilities look great, they use a selection of brand coherent colours, and impervious cleanable welded and thermoformed sheets meet all hygienic requirements and will last a long time – minimising downtime and disruption to these facilities in the future.

Whether for pleasure or for business, travel has taken a huge blow in the pandemic. Lockdowns and following quarantine requirements have forced many travel providers to rethink the safety and hygienic conditions of the travel environments.

The rule to use when deciding where to travel and how to get there is to assess how easy it is to comply with the hygienic restrictions and safety protocols of all your travel points.

Travel by plane, long considered to be one of the most challenging due to concerns over the quality of air and proximity of other travellers, has experienced a thorough overhaul. Hygienic measures taken in the departures hall, increased allowance of hand sanitiser gel in your hand luggage, temperature checkpoints and compulsory face mask are only some of the new rules designed to protect the travellers while allowing the travel.

Airlines implemented safety questionnaires and many countries now require a negative covid test to grant access rights.

Within the airports there are one way systems and social distancing marking on the floors, together with new shields, signage, hand sanitising stations and individual business have implemented additional safety precautions to ensure the risk of spreading the virus is kept to a minimum.

At Goss Environmental Coatings we’ve noticed interest from train companies, who have reacted swiftly to the demand of post-covid travel and looked at hygienic cladding as a viable option for the refurbishment of high traffic areas, such as waiting rooms, washrooms and travel corridors. Moreover, one of the biggest advantages of hygienic cladding is that when properly installed by a team of cladding experts, it provides supreme resistance against accidental impacts such as from trolley wheels or luggage handles.

Our world after covid has undergone great changes, some would say there is no return to normal as we all have to reassess our individual set up and ensure healthy and hygienic future steps. Take extra precautions where necessary, to protect those at increased risk of contracting the virus.

The professional and friendly team at Goss Environmental Coatings can take on any project and deliver it to exact timing requirements, especially if you are looking to re-open your business after a lockdown. We provide a holistic approach – hygienic cladding systems, wall protection, coatings and hygienic paints, creating a complete high quality clean and cleanable hygienic surface solution.

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Traditional hygienic coatings, conventionally and spray applied, have their place in many areas of specialist construction projects and are an ideal choice for the majority of facilities and areas which require these high-performance products. They cope with every day wear-and-tear activities, including light mechanical impacts and regular cleaning regimes.

But, some areas require a more robust and chemically resistant high-performance hygienic coating system in order to meet their performance criteria (ie containment facilities, areas with aggressive cleaning regimes and areas where more impact on the walls is likely). Fibreglass reinforcement offers an extra level of robustness / chemical resistance and can be suitable for a wide range of operations and environments where extra protection is required!

There are various high-performance hygienic coating systems available, utilising fibreglass reinforcement such as:

  • Sika Sikagard AL12 Reemat Heavy system
  • Sika Sikagard AL11 Reemat Lite system
  • CS Wallglaze FG light systems – Walllflex, Armourglaze
  • CS Wallfglaze FG heavy systems – Wallflex, Armourglaze

The properties of our hygienic fibreglass systems help resolve numerous design challenges, whilst improving long term maintenance / lifecycle costs and hygienic performance. Here is top 10 reasons to use fibreglass reinforcement for your next installation:-

1. Maximum Hygiene – tanking to form fully sealed and seamless surfaces free of trims and joints. This prevents surfaces from having crevices which harbour bacteria and mould.

2. Easy to Clean – These robust, seamless, chemically resistant surfaces are easy to clean and will withstand robust cleaning regimes.

3. Colour stable– Two-pack polyurethane systems such as CS Armourglaze and CS Wallglaze are extremely colour stable, minimising the issue of fade or discolouration in situ.

4. Strong & Durable – Fully reinforced fibreglass coating systems are robust and tough, built for long service.

5. Low Maintenance – Fibreglass system provides high resilience and robustness and does not require so much overpainting, freshening up as per conventional paint systems

6. Economical – Always consider the lifecycle costs. We have been back to FG jobs which were done 25 years ago and have NEVER been recoated and are in fighting fit form and still meeting their performance criteria. All very well putting a conventional coating on the wall but consider: how often do you paint it? What are the down time costs?

7. Aesthetically attractive – Fibreglass reinforced systems can be top-coated with most BS or RAL topcoat colours

8. Power washable and Steam cleanable – Many fibreglass systems (installed correctly) can be power washed and steam cleaned effectively if applied to the correct specification

9. Chemically resistant – Fibreglass reinforced two-pack polyurethane, epoxy, acrylic systems can withstand chemical cleaning, fumigants and decontamination regimes that conventional paints will not

10. Resistant to cracking and flaking – Fibreglass systems are less prone to cracking than conventional coating systems and, indeed, may bridge cracks which occur in the substrate (depending on nature and size of the issue) – again, minimising the need for invasive emergency shut down works and repairs and providing critical resilience in containment laboratories.

From beautiful design to high performance and everything in between, fibreglass reinforced systems offer many advantages to our customers, especially in the field of hygiene and cleaning. Taking into account how economical these systems are, also adds to the list of advantages of fibreglass coating systems.

The friendly and professional team at Goss Environmental Coatings are trusted installers of fibreglass and can deliver any project to exact timings, especially important when operating in line with your business schedule. If you’d like to know more, please contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions.


How is the pandemic affecting our schools?

The current pandemic has changed the world of education in ways many couldn’t have foreseen. According to UNICEF, at the height of the pandemic, “approximately 91% of the world’s students in more than 194 countries were out of school.” Now that the schools have been re-opening again, we are looking at ways schools have adapted their environments to be hygienically safe.

Despite the considerable disruption of the pandemic, the upcoming half-term break could be used to further future-proof the school environments with the use of hygienic coatings and hygienic wall cladding. The measures put in place to make it safe for pupils to learn again include handwashing stations, physical distancing, contactless temperature checks and mask-wearing. These also mean there are changes made to the common areas, indoor and outdoor. Half-term break offers the perfect time to adapt the environments fast and effectively without sacrificing further learning time. 

Clear messaging and signage

Whether it is markers on the floor showing the appropriate social distancing, signage displaying adequate handwashing procedure or arrows pointing to the one-way systems, hygienic wall cladding can be customized to suit the specific requirements of the school. Furthermore, it can be made school-specific by including logos, badges and lettering. Altro ‘Digiclad’ or Trovex ‘Gallery’ are fast to install, hardwearing and have a hygienic finish that is suited for frequent cleaning. 

Adapting the common areas

Canteens, hallways, washrooms, classrooms – all areas of high footfall requiring extra attention in the pandemic times. Slightly matt finish of Altro Fortis Titanium and Trovex Resilience can provide strong protection against inevitable scuffs and marks caused by high usage. When complemented by hygienic wall protection system, it can be retrofitted over tiles, allowing for even faster coverage and protection.

Complying with new hygiene requirements

The schools now need to check the temperature of students, staff and visitors. This is done by contactless scanners distributed along the corridors and in halls. The frequent disinfection and handwashing stations require an upgrade of bathrooms with extra areas for sanitizer distribution. Splashbacks can be used in these environments, as they scale down easily from their industrial use. Perfect for the small areas behind sinks, small handwashing basins and behind antibacterial gel dispensers, splashbacks provide the ideal alternative for tiles and grouting. 

Re-opening a school whilst complying with new regulations and requirements in times of the pandemic, making it hygienically safe for students and staff to return, could be a stressful and confusing task. The professional and friendly team at Goss Environmental Coatings can take on any project and deliver it to exact timing requirements, especially in half-term. We provide a holistic approach – hygienic cladding systems complemented by hygienic coatings, creating a complete high quality clean and cleanable hygienic surface solution.

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Have you given much thought to hygienic paint?

When the pandemic hit, at the start of 2020, the businesses initial reaction was to protect the customers and their employees and thus the period of lockdown started. However, in the effort to “re-open” and keep the business going, many had to re-think the way they operate to continue protecting their staff and customers under the new regulations.

The pandemic has made them consider how hygienic their paint is, the ease of cleaning and upkeep of all the surfaces and places that will come into daily contact with people.

We’ve looked at a number of different businesses that have been hit the hardest by the pandemic and the hygienic paint solutions that could help them not only re-start but also thrive under these new conditions. The strategy is fourfold:

  • React efficiently to the changing threat of Covid 19 and implement effective logistic, hygiene and fabric solutions on premises

  • Clean and mobilise reactive maintenance upon customers leaving the premises, taking into account potential reduced staffing levels, all the while implementing social distancing measures and without increasing expenditure by employing a deep clean contractor.

  • Maintain sustainable levels of occupancy also planning and preparing for the future in the changing conditions.

  • Implementing procedures and taking actions to mitigate the impact of future waves / pandemic threats


Restaurants, hotels, departure lounges, bar lounges – all of these have one thing in common: high volumes of people interacting with multiple surfaces on a daily basis.

Businesses had to consider a redesign, including high performance anti microbial and / or chemical resistant hygienic paint for both front-of-house and kitchen environments. Particularly in front-of-house, where the requirement is for aesthetics as well as cleanliness, the businesses have to meet customers’ changing attitudes and varying expectations.

There are various hygienic paint systems that might be considered:-

Wallflex by CS Wallglaze is easy to maintain superior and a versatile hygienic paint, suitable for both dry and ‘wet’ environments (with hygienic mastic and fibreglass component options). It compliments kitchens’ regular cleaning routines and the surfaces treated with Wallflex may be steam cleaned to ensure thorough deep clean and sterilization if they are prepared and emdedded into FG heavy fibreglass reinforcement.


For many pupils and staff the start of the new school year will mean unfamiliar restrictions, not just in the form of face masks and hand sanitising but also adhering to social distancing in classrooms and common areas.

The prestigious Highgate School in North London has to cater for over 1460 students and approx 400 teaching and support staff. They chose Sikagard robust hygienic coating paint for the vertical staircase balustrades, the centre-point of the lobby. Sikagard hygienic coatings such as Sikagard 406W Sterimatt; 405W Sterisheen and 403W Steridex provide exceptional durability, high resistance to cracking, splitting and flaking. The uniform surface is cleanable with most proprietary detergents and is non leaching, making it the perfect solution for the busy school requiring regular and robust cleaning.


Being at the forefront of the pandemic required healthcare providers to be extra considerate and thorough with their hygienic paint.

The sudden onslaught on the waiting rooms, surgeries and hospitals have put pressure on hygienic paint requirements of these businesses, inside and out. The chosen hygienic paint must be flexible and cater to frequent, often highly chemical cleaning schedules.

CS Wallglaze offers a portfolio of products with extra durable hygienic wall coating systems, some with antimicrobial additives that are suitable for even the most demanding environments. Armourglaze is a tough, chemical abrasion resistant hygienic paint that can be used in laboratories as well as mortuaries and aseptic environments. It is highly resistant to chemicals and can be treated with VHP and formaldehyde fumigant systems. This specialist hygienic paint can be used in a variety of aggressive environments and its fumigation resistance qualities makes it an important product in the fight for infection control.

CS Wallglaze also offer a solvent product with similar characteristics – CS Wallglaze Wallflex.

Leisure and entertainment

Gyms, swimming pools, bars, pubs, theatres and stadiums all had to consider every area that comes into contact with their customers and staff.

Extra pressures were brought on by the requirement for durability and ease of installation as hygienic paint needed to be applied in short time and bring on instant protection from the moment of reopening of the businesses.

The redesign of changing rooms to incorporate one way movement of the members, the challenges brought on by social distancing rules indoors of pubs, theatres and other performance venues, all of these can be met by the Sika / CS Wallglaze portfolio of hygienic coatings – many of which can be applied Fastrack with careful planning and experienced / trained installers. General impact resistance and durability are very important, as well as compatibility with design and increased footfall in certain areas. The coatings must be capable to cater for temperature changes / specific environmental conditions and applicable to a range of substrates – plaster, render, tiles, previously painted walls and ceilings.

Businesses and Companies are facing some of the toughest times, from redesigning their operations in line with the new restrictions applied by the government, to considering the upgrade and maintenance of their current venues. Hygienic paint offers a fast and versatile solution, with excellent cleaning properties and a wide range of colours and designs to suit.

Proprietary manufacturers such as Sika and CS Wallglaze offer a track record, performance, durability, hygiene, safety and technical support. The installation is offered via a network of trained and recommended hygienic paint systems installers such as Goss Environmental Coatings Ltd. We also offer a range of other hygienic coatings / GRP via other manufacturers and have extensive experience installing other premium products such as Dulux, Bradite, APML and 3M.

Goss Environmental Coatings also install high quality hygienic cladding and wall protection systems – Altro, Trovex, Gradus, Construction Specialities.

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Hygienic wall cladding innovation started over 30 years ago and has traditionally been used in the areas demanding the highest levels of hygiene and safety: NHS environment, laboratories, kitchens, clean rooms, wet areas. We are living in an ever-changing world, where the urgent requirement for infection control has sparked a significant discussion, the results of which will be reaching far beyond what we’ve come to view as standard hygienic environments.

We are seeing an increased interest from architects and designers of workplace environments and office spaces, retirement homes, schools and universities, and other public and domestic environments. Hygienic and easy cleaning surfaces have become a necessity for all of the existing schools, universities as well as offices, all now looking for ways to keep their premises cleaned properly, easy to maintain as well as aesthetically pleasing and attractive.

Hygienic wall cladding isn’t just about utilitarian white sheets – here are 10 reasons why customers love hygienic cladding systems:

Style and substance Customers

Customers select hygienic wall cladding when they want to impress without compromising on durability and cleanliness. Manufacturers such as Altro and Trovex have interesting and attractive colour ranges, with satin and deep gloss finishes available.

‘Wall Designs’ by Altro is an elegant range of natural effects in wood, stone, metal or linen, perfect for areas of general circulation as well as wet environments such as spas and bathrooms. Both manufacturers offer digital images integrated into their hygienic cladding offer i.e. Altro Digiclad and Trovex Diamond.


In today’s infection control focused world, hygiene is at the forefront of a customer’s mind when installing a hygienic wall system. A popular choice in both hospitals and kitchens, proprietary UPVC hygienic wall panels are non-porous, stain-resistant and boast impressive hygienic properties and bacterial resistance. Furthermore, once welded together, these panels create a seamless exterior preventing the development of bacteria-harbouring cracks. Proprietary manufacturers such as Altro and Trovex offer colour matched welds, trims and silicones for integrated hygienic cladding installation.

Messaging in the COVID and post COVID world

Sending important messages to building users/staff/students/patients/employees  can be achieved very effectively by combining custom printed signage with hygienic wall cladding for a robust ‘on message’ hygienic finish. Altro ‘Digiclad’ and Trovex ‘Gallery’ can be customized to promote your message or indeed brand and logo, combining high-quality aesthetics and important communications functionality.

Creating atmosphere

Hygienic wall systems come in a seemingly endless range of colours, finishes and material effects that help with the topical task of user-conscious space design and creating chosen environments and environments in building environments. Whether you wish to stimulate or soothe, modern wall cladding products offer versatility for any environment.

For example, soothing images are often integrated into robust hygienic cladding finishes and used across the medical and mental health sectors.

Flexible Uses

Though often characterized as products for large, public sector buildings, hygienic wall cladding products scale down easily for domestic spaces or small service areas. Splashbacks offer the perfect protection for small areas behind basins, sinks and kitchen counters, providing a convenient alternative to the unhygienic grouting between ceramic tiles. Hygienic cladding can often be retrofitted over tiles (using the correct preparation and installation techniques) so it is perfect for washroom environments and refurbishments.

Creativity and Innovative design

Looking to inject some real creative flair and design innovation into your renovation project? You may consider a bespoke custom print option using UV-cured inks to transfer a company logo, photographic image or art image onto a sheet of wall cladding, then a special hard-coat technology protects the image from surface degradation, scratches and general wear and tear for maximum durability. Altro Digiclad and Trovex Diamond offer that great option!

Highest Level of Health and Safety Standards

Considering the type of environments most likely to benefit from hygienic wall systems, hygienic wall cladding products maintain the highest level of health and safety standards. The material used to make cladding sheets is food-safe PVCu polymer, which can withstand temperatures up to 60°C. The grout-free, 2.5mm hygienic PVC, when installed correctly and fixed with trowelled adhesive makes this finish perfect for commercial kitchens and associated areas.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Installation isn’t the end of the story. The importance of cleaning and maintenance is ensured by a manufacturer’s guarantee and technical support. High-quality proprietary manufacturers offer customer support teams and user-friendly websites whilst technical literature can provide advice on sterilisation, cleaning, repairs and stain removal.

Protection for High Traffic Areas

With the hustle and bustle of busy public areas in mind, proprietary hygienic cladding manufacturers also offer complimentary wall protection systems for high traffic areas. Altro Fortis Titanium and Trovex Resilience offer tough protection over time and are available for use in such environments. These more ‘matt’, slightly textured finishes are perfect for use in high traffic education/ healthcare areas where the walls suffer inevitable damage in form of repeated knocks, scratches and dents caused by wheeled traffic.

Another area where the wall protection and hygienic cladding systems can complement each other is on a new building/refurbishment project, providing integrated hygienic cladding/wall protection solutions across a building.

One Installation Team, Complete Package

Hygienic wall cladding and wall protection systems can both be installed by the same experienced installation teams and complemented with proprietary corner protectors such as Altro Fortis and other add ons that might be required, providing an integrated hygienic cladding and wall protection package!

It’s a holistic approach to designing spaces – the journey doesn’t end with selecting the wall cladding system. Good quality manufacturers offer a selection of colours, textures and finishes complimented with colour matched accessories and add on products. The customers love the ultimate mix of durability, design, safety and ease of cleaning, creating a complete high quality clean and cleanable hygienic surface solution.

Hygienic wall cladding systems offer an abundance of aesthetic choices from material effects and statement walls to custom print options. Proprietary manufacturers such as Altro and Trovex offer a track record, performance, durability, hygiene, safety and technical support. The installation is offered via a network of trained and recommended hygienic cladding installers such as Goss Environmental Coatings Ltd.

If you’d like to know more contact us today.


At Goss Environmental Coatings, one of our most popular services is installing hygienic cladding so we thought we’d share with you the benefits of hygienic wall cladding.

After polyethelene and polypropylene, PVC is the most commonly used plastic and has a diverse range of uses. Most commonly we fit it on walls, however it can be used on ceilings too.

Quick to install

Due to it being water-resistant, hygienic wall cladding is often used instead of tiling so it offers a much faster installation time.

Easily bespoke to your measurements

Cladding sheets can be cut to any size required and can be slotted together for larger coverage. There’s no need to grout either so creating a solution for your measurements is very simple.

Very low maintenance

With no grouting, the installation is very fast but more importantly, requires little to no maintenance such as bleaching and scrubbing.

With no cracks and gaps, mould and bacteria can’t build up on the surface so it provides a solution that is perfect for both domestic and commercial settings. All that’s required is a soft cloth and non-abrasive surface cleaner.

Customisable to your interiors

PVC cladding is available in a variety of colours, meaning you don’t have to lose out on design or creativity to fit in with your interiors or business’ branding.

100% recyclable

We all know how important recycling plastic is these days so once you’ve installed hygienic cladding, you can be safe in the knowledge that whenever you want it changed or removed, it will be fully recycled and not sent to landfill.

Multiple uses

Due to its low maintenance and high level of hygiene cladding can be used in many different environments, commonly in bathrooms & kitchens, where the environment can be damp, but is can also be used in the leisure, pharma, food and drinks, education, government sectors.

As you can see, there are a number of fantastic benefits for using hygienic cladding, which is why it’s become one of the most popular hygienic solutions.

If you’d like to find more about hygienic cladding or get a free installation quote, get in touch!


Advice, Products, Trovex

Here at Goss, we’ve been using Trovex Diamond for over 5 years, and are now a Trovex Select Installer. We always recommend Trovex to our clients, simply because it’s the gold standard of hygienic cladding. It’s high-quality, long-life and reliable while being low-maintenance. It’s incredibly versatile, lending itself to a large range of applications across many different sectors, and meeting even the most complicated requirements.


On the face of it, you might think Trovex Diamond is just another hygienic wall cladding system. But it actually has an impressive suite of benefits that explain its success. Here are 15 major benefits of using Trovex Diamond and why we so strongly recommend it.


  1. Versatility: Trovex Diamond is suitable everywhere from kitchens to gyms, from labs to lobbies. It’s suitable as a backdrop, a shower area or splashback. With a complete system that includes thermoformed corners (more below) and add-ons, it’s easy to install even in complex and challenging environments.
  2. Trovex Diamond is easy to clean: it has a smooth, antibacterial surface that’s easy to wipe down and maintain and can be washed with a simple solution of detergent and water. It’s also resistant to solvent cleaning if necessary.
  3. Trovex is durable and robust with a long life span, making it a smart long-term investment.
  4. Trovex creates whole systems so depending on your requirements, you can augment the cladding with other solutions such as doors or hygiene stations (the Trovex Hygidoor and Hygipod). They also offer stainless steel options for situations where PVC may be unsuitable, such as a kitchen splashback.
  5. Trovex can be successfully thermoformed around both internal and external corners so no gaps go uncovered and your space looks elegant.
  6. Trovex Diamond is a non-porous material that’s impervious to impact, spills and stains.
  7. With a whole range of available colours, hygienic cladding no longers means you have to settle for white (although of course that’s available). With the Ambience, Radiance and Brilliance ranges, you can choose any vibrant colour that suits you.
  8. Want more than a block of colour? The Trovex Gallery has stunning images you can choose from (perfect for reception areas and social spaces), or you can even provide your own images for a customised backdrop. Unlock all sorts of design possibilities!
  9. If you’re after a more natural wood effect or some trim for your walls, Trovex has you covered with their Essence laminate options and their Resilience range for wall protection.
  10. Finally, Trovex can colour match your walls with custom trim, welds and even silicone.
  11. Trovex Diamond meets BREEAM requirements and is tested by BRE.
  12. Trovex is a non-timber product, has no impact on rainforests, and is completely recyclable at the end of its long lifespan. Post-production waste is regenerated into raw material, and the low oil content ensures minimal carbon impact.
  13. Trovex has a proven track record with clients, architects and end users – and Goss!
  14. Trovex have an excellent customer service team. It makes it so easy to work with them and efficiently resolve any queries we, or our customers, may have.
  15. Our customers absolutely love the product, leading to repeat business and long-term relationships. When everyone’s happy it’s great for the customer, great for Trovex, and great for us.


If you’d like to find more about Trovex or get a free installation quote, get in touch!



Anyone following the business news will have seen a string of high-profile companies going into administration or liquidation in recent months often leaving their suppliers out of pocket. So how do you protect your business from being a casualty? Here is some practical advice from George Goss of Goss Environmental Coatings.

Get your house in order

State clear payment terms in your Ts&Cs and all quotations covering when payment is due, late payment and so on.

Run a credit check with one of the agencies. It doesn’t cost much but can save you a fortune in the long run. I credit check all new contractors / companies and often request payment pre-start if they don’t meet my criteria, and most say yes!

Set a credit limit and stick to it. Credit checks often come with a suggested credit limit and that is a good place to start but you can vary this according to your risk appetite and what your company can afford to lose.

Identify a “go to” person to speak to about billing and payments.

Send your invoices out on time and state your late payment terms.

Send a friendly reminder in advance of the due date. Polite and persistent money-chasing can be your most effective tool. Get yourself to the top of the pile for being paid in full / on time / every time.

Follow up immediately payment is not received.

Always chase the little bits! In the world of construction there are often retentions due 12 / 24 months after the project is complete. Do not forget to chase these amounts – they can add up and are YOUR money that you earnt at the time. So, gather them in full!!

Act quickly if invoices are disputed or not paid on time.

Disputed invoices are generally a sign that something’s not right. Either there’s a problem with your work or there’s a problem at your customer’s end.

Get onto it straight away – it’s not rude to chase an outstanding payment!

Speak to your contact in the first instance to find out what’s going on and agree a concrete, timebound action plan. Be skeptical about what they tell you. If that doesn’t result in payment, make a call to their accounts department.

Make notes of what they tell you, confirm what you agree in writing and set a follow up date.

Don’t let things escalate

All the while you carry on working without payment your exposure is increasing. If the friendly approach doesn’t work, you might need to get more formal. Don’t be afraid to stop work or withhold deliveries – sometimes that can be your greatest leverage.

Write a letter or email to your customer stating that, if your invoice isn’t paid within, say seven days, you’ll charge them statutory interest plus the Bank of England base rate for business-to-business transactions. You may also tell them that if, within seven days from the date of your letter, you do not receive payment, you will suspend work and/or cease all deliveries until such time as payment is received in full. You should though, of course, refer to the terms of your order / contract.

Talk to the right people

When chasing payment, try and get to the right people / department making dealing with payments and making remittances and ‘make a friend’ who can help you untie the knots of getting paid each month (especially with large companies / accounts) – nurture that contact and connect when help is required!

Be prepared to seek professional help

If you are not confident about doing this yourself, or not getting anywhere, speak to a debt collection agency or firm of solicitors. However, in our experience, this should be the final step – usually the only winner is the law firm!

And finally….

Cashflow is the life blood of your company so it’s vital not to let it be cut off. You are doing business to provide an excellent product / service and be paid for it, fully and fairly – otherwise what is your hard work for? There is no guarantee that you will never suffer a bad debt (most companies will at some stage), but if you get the basics right, you stand a better chance of getting the money in or limiting any losses.