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It’s a scene you can spot in every household on a more-or-less weekly basis: kids toys and other family life paraphernalia is strewn across the house and the children themselves are nowhere to be found. With the upcoming half-term, try a different strategy to get your kids to be tidy, one that does benefit both parties and brings true results.

The team at Goss Coatings has got plenty of knowledge on how to keep spaces clean and hygienic — we are also parents who had to overcome similar struggles in our own homes.

We’ve pulled together our collective knowledge and came up with 7 ways on how to get your kids to be tidy this half-term:

Initially do the tasks together

Supervision from afar doesn’t work — it only alienates the kids and creates a ‘them’ and ‘us’ feeling. Want your kids to help out in the kitchen? Start with small tasks with plenty of step-by-step encouragement and explanation about health and safety whilst cooking. They will master the skills in no time and will acquire valuable food safety knowledge in the process.

Ensure the environment is suited to any potential messes

Are you constantly wiping off hand prints, scrape marks or worry about marker pen drawings on your walls, why not paint your walls in a hygienic coating paint? This will ensure your walls are wipeable, hygienic, damage-resistant and if applied correctly, the protection is long-lasting.

Provide easy-to-access cleaning and storage solutions

Work with the kids on creating a system that is easy to understand and to adhere to, across the whole house. Buy opaque plastic boxes for their toys — there’s an added benefit of being able to see what goes where and whether they need cleaning.

Keep general areas multifunctional

It’s natural for kids to throw their coats/shoes/bags on the floor as soon as the door closes in their effort to run off and play. Create a smaller version of cloakroom or a mudroom for them to use hooks positioned lower help with hanging up their outdoor clothes and bags, easily accessible shelves can take little shoes.

Make the floors work for you

Kids will eat messily — whatever the age. This doesn’t mean they can’t help with cleanup. Allocate a broom or a mop with a wide head to ensure the floor is swept in fewer motions and more effectively, straight after the meal. It takes no time at all, the food won’t become dry and stuck and you’re left with far less general kitchen clean up to worry about.

Time it right — and make tidying a child’s game

Be very specific with the amount of time the proposed tidying task is going to take. Inspire your kids by challenging them to pick up all their toys in the living room before their favourite song ends. This way, you are appealing to their natural competitive spirit and re-directing the focus from a ‘clean up’ to a ‘fun game’.

Don’t set your expectations too high

At the end of the day, you’re not aiming for a showroom house but a home. The kids will be naturally interested in things you make fun for them, and they like to take part in your tasks because they enjoy spending time with you. Even the little habits you establish will benefit their self-esteem.

These 7 ways to get your kids to be tidy this half-term are quick, easy to try out and ensure you’ll still get to enjoy plenty of quality family time. Instilling a sense of order and structure in their own environment provides stability and teaches responsibility to the kids. They will take pride in their work and become more confident in overcoming obstacles — learned on a simple task of conquering a pile of toys to be put away.

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Start of the new year often means new year’s resolutions and changes to our lifestyles. From a healthier diet to de-cluttering the house, we all want to feel fresh and renewed. How about a clean and hygienic start for your kitchen?

Here’s our quick checklist that will help to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic:

Plan Properly

Before you run off to the shops re-stocking for a fresh and healthy start, consider the following tips:

  • Make room in your fridge bearing in mind you can’t pack the fridge completely as there wouldn’t be space for cool air to circulate and keep your food at the optimal temperature between 1C – 5C.

TIP! Does your fridge come equipped with a thermometer? Great! If not, it might be a good time to invest in one.

  1. Alcohol and most of the vegetables can live in a garage, garden shed or laundry room. It’s usually cool enough in these spaces and it will free up valuable fridge space.
  2. Raw meat goes at the bottom of the fridge – this guarantees no drips on the rest of the food on the shelves.
  3. Check dates on foods regularly – don’t eat foods past their ‘use by date’ even though they might look or smell fine.
  4. Stack your fridge in the correct order: cooked and ready to eat foods on the top shelf, raw vegetables and foods in the middle, raw meats with a potential to drip at the bottom.

Be smart with your cooking

Whether you’re hosting a small family dinner or a large party, make sure you ask yourself following questions:

  1. How many people will be attending? Based on the numbers consider if a whole joint or large piece of meat is necessary as it might put unnecessary pressure on your fridge and on your timings.
  2. Do not wash the meat before cooking – bacteria might splash onto working surfaces and other foods. The cooking process will kill any bacteria, so no need to pre-wash.
  3. Always cook your meat thoroughly, making sure:

  4. The meat is steaming hot all the way through, the thermometer inserted into the thickest part should reach
  5. 70C for longer than two continuous minutes.
  6. No pinkness is showing even when cutting into the thickest part of the meat
  7. Juices are running clear when the meat is cut or you press a thigh

Care For Your Kitchen

  1. Ensure you clean and disinfect worktops, chopping boards and utensils after each contact with raw meat
  2. Keep raw food separate from ready-to-eat food to prevent cross contamination
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly before preparing food and after handling raw meat/ raw foods
  4. Keep pets out of the kitchen
  5. Use a dishwasher if you have one available, they are a great way to hygienically clean the dishes. Otherwise, use very hot and soapy water and let the dishes air dry if you have space – this will help to destroy any harmful bacteria.

Lovely Leftovers

  1. Cool leftovers quickly (ideally within 2 hours) and put covered up into a fridge – anything left out at room temperature for longer than 4 hours must be thrown away.
  2. Use within 2 days – reheating thoroughly before eating
  3. If you can’t use them up, freeze them up
  4. When cooking with leftover meats, you can freeze the new meal (such as curry) as well, ensuring it’s cooled properly
  5. When defrosting the leftovers, make sure they are defrosted overnight in the fridge as this will keep them free of harmful bacteria
  6. Reheat any leftovers thoroughly, if you use a thermometer this should show 75C in the centre of the portion

We hope you’ve enjoyed our quick and easy tips to keep your kitchen clean in 2019.

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