New Specialist Service Offering – Protectorseal Hygienic Wall Systems

New Specialist Service Offering – Protectorseal Hygienic Wall Systems

June 10, 2024

During the last few months, Goss were invited to quote and successfully won several projects supplying and installing Protectorseal.

With the discontinuation of the CS Wallglass Wallflex and Armourglaze systems, Protectorseal has been a useful and high quality addition to the Goss portfolio of service offerings. Protectorseal consists of a similar GRP system to Wallfglaze FG. It uses a chopped strand mat and tissue fibreglass encapsulation system for walls and ceilings, which is a robust fibreglass system finished with a two pack chemically resistant epoxy polyurethane top coat finish.

Protectorseal Hygienic Wall Systems have been available and utilised in the hygienic coatings market for well over 20 years, so have a proven and excellent track record.

From food manufacturing to medical facilities and scientific laboratories, Protectorseal offers excellent hygienic wall protection, ensuring cleanability and robustness in diverse environments.

Goss are able to provide the complete supply and installation service for facilities and customers selecting these high quality hygienic surfaces. In fact, Goss have become a recommended installer for Protectorseal. 

The key benefits of using Protectorseal Hygienic Wall Systems

Seamless Protection: Protectorseal provides a seamless, non-porous surface that eliminates joints or seams where bacteria can thrive. This seamless protection ensures thorough hygiene and reduces the risk of contamination.

Resistance to Bacteria Growth: The innovative hygienic coating is resistant to bacteria growth, mould, and moisture, making it ideal for environments where cleanliness is paramount, such as food manufacturing, medical facilities, and laboratories.

Durability: Protectorseal is highly durable, standing up to scratches, chemicals, and moisture. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting protection, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Easy Maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining Protectorseal Hygienic Wall Systems is simple and efficient. The smooth surface allows for easy removal of dirt and contaminants, reducing maintenance time and costs.

Cost-Effectiveness: As Protectorseal can often be installed to previously coated incumbent substrates, it can offer a cost-effective and mechanically-effective substrate refurbishment solution. Low maintenance requirements, and longevity can make it a financially prudent choice for businesses and institutions.

Compliance Assurance: Protectorseal helps businesses and institutions meet stringent hygiene standards and regulatory requirements. By investing in Protectorseal, organisations can demonstrate their commitment to maintaining a clean and safe environment for employees, customers, patients, and research integrity, creating clean and attractive hygienic operating environments.

High Chemical Resistance: The top coats of Protectorseal (epoxy and polyurethane) have high chemical resistance, enabling the system to withstand harsh cleaning regimes that other coatings and surface finishing systems may not endure. This feature may ensure the longevity of the coating, even in environments where frequent chemical cleaning and pressure washing is necessary.

Continuous Seamless Finish: Protectorseal, together with fiberglass reinforcement, provides a continuous seamless finish. This eliminates joints that are present in other surface finishing systems such as PVC cladding, which may assist (in some environments) in minimising potential areas for bacterial growth and can contribute to enhancing overall cleanliness.

Thin Coating System: While the coating system, even with fiberglass reinforcement, is thinner than PVC cladding, it offers substantial protection against contamination. Typically, finished systems are less than 1mm in total film thickness (dry cured thickness).

Fire Safety: The coatings are compliant with the Surface Spread of Flame Test (Class 1). Protectorseal coatings offer peace of mind with regards to fire safety. Where there are technical, safety and product questions about Protectorseal, Goss Environmental Coatings are always pleased to connect potential customers with the manufacturers directly, to make sure they are always getting the right product for the target installation area in question.

Retrofitting & Upgrades: Protectorseal can be a great option for upgrading hygiene levels in facilities where there are existing walls and some second fix installations in place. Goss are able to provide site surveys for potential projects to discuss the feasibility of installations in ‘live’ environments.

Protectorseal in Food Manufacturing and Processing Plants

In the realm of food production, where even the slightest contamination can lead to health risks and tarnished reputations, Protectorseal Hygienic Wall Systems offer excellent and proven protection. 

With a seamless surface resistant to bacteria growth, mould, and moisture, Protectorseal (and other proprietary hygienic coating systems) can play a significant role in preventing contamination within food processing plants. 

Its durability withstands many rigorous cleaning protocols, ensuring longevity and sustained compliance with regulatory standards. 

By utilising Protectorseal, food manufacturers can demonstrate and fortify their commitment to product safety and consumer confidence.

Protectorseal in Scientific Laboratories

In the the science sector, where clinical environments are paramount, Protectorseal Hygienic Wall Systems serve as a very useful tool in creating appropriate facilities and operating environments. Laboratories demand an environment free from contaminants that could affect their operating effectiveness and minimal disruption is always an objective. 

Protectorseal’s seamless surface can assist in preventing and eradicating bacteria, aiding in bio security measures, relating to scientific research and production. Its resilience against chemicals and abrasions can withstand the rigorous conditions of laboratory facilities, enabling frequent cleaning without degradation.

By adopting hard wearing hygienic surface systems, laboratories can improve operational effectiveness.

Protectorseal in Medical & Pharmaceutical Facilities 

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are centres of patient care, and infection control is always a key and significant topic.

Protectorseal Hygienic Wall Systems can play an important role in upholding hygiene standards within critical areas such as hospital laboratories and clean room environments.

The coating’s seamless surface prevents bacterial growth and enables thorough cleaning, curtailing the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAI’s).

By using Protectorseal, medical and pharmaceutical institutions can bolster patient safety, and the use of such systems can assist in elevating infection control measures to new heights.


As can be seen, across food manufacturing facilities, medical and pharma institutions, and scientific laboratories, Protectorseal Hygienic Wall Systems can offer a reliable tool for maintaining cleanliness, safety, and ensuring high quality and compliance. 

With their seamless surfaces, resistance to bacteria growth, durability, chemical resistance, continuous seamless finish, and ease of maintenance, Protectorseal stands as a great product to consider for industries where hygiene is paramount

Recent projects where Goss used a Protectorseal solution

Goss have recently undertaken complete installations for a number of diverse projects where Protectorseal was chosen as the hygienic wall protection solution, and indeed has been used for a number of years. Projects have included installations for the Pharmaceutical, Health, Food Manufacturing and Consumer Health Manufacturing sectors. A number of Goss’ hygienic coatings installation projects have been completed on behalf of Kemtile, one of the UK’s premier flooring and maintenance companies.

Protectorseal is an excellent coating system to consider when selecting products to safeguard your environment against contaminants, ensuring longevity, robustness and high performance for years to come.

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George Goss

AUTHOR: George Goss

George Goss is the owner of Goss Environmental Coatings. For over 30 years they’ve been providing hygienic wall cladding, hygienic coatings and other hygienic solutions to clients including the NHS, Boots, The British Army and many others.

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