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We’re emerging on the other side of the pandemic, creating the ‘new normal’ but there are some things that don’t change, like the need to keep schools and learning environments clean, hygienic and at the same time visually appealing and pleasant for children and staff to spend time in. 

Schools have had to change many aspects of their everyday operations, like installing hand sanitizing stations and providing new signage respecting the requirements of strict rules under which they were allowed to reopen again. Hygienic cladding is the perfect answer to many demands of the school environment and thanks to its versatility and flexibility, it can be used in myriad ways.

Washrooms and toilets

These areas are under tight scrutiny and subject to even more rigorous cleaning schedules, due to their high frequency of use. Hygienic cladding can be used in splashbacks behind sinks, or vanity units, as it is highly cleanable and can be perfectly moulded to fit even the most awkward places. We’ve seen its usage behind dryers, as it doesn’t succumb to any deformation from the heat of the dryer unit and therefore forms the protection for the wall behind as well as providing an easily cleanable surface and also, of course, to provide cleanable surfaces around urinal areas.

(Ysgol Bro Teifi school , UK, image courtesy of Altro, Altro Whiterock )

Thanks to the large range of vibrant colours, hygienic cladding is especially good to use in environments frequented by younger children. 

Changing Areas

Sports and changing rooms areas are in need of particularly hardwearing and hygienic wall cladding due to a great potential for knocks and scrapes and the presence of mud and grime after outdoor sporting activities. The wall hygienic cladding can be seamlessly joined with the floor covering, without cracks of crevices. This does make it perfect for deep clean and strict cleaning routines.

(Ysgol Bro Teifi school , UK, image courtesy of Altro, Altro Whiterock )

Kitchen and adjoining areas

Ideally, we recommend that kitchens are clad at full height, all the way around, as this achieves more hygienic finish.  The exception is the area behind cookers, where stainless

steel sheets are more appropriate, as hygienic cladding should not  be directly exposed to temperatures higher than 60C.

In our recent project, working in the school eatery and serving room at a school in Buckinghamshire, the team has used Trovex hygienic cladding to cover the walls at full height, also providing hygienic cladding under the servery opening on both sides. This is particularly important as this area is likely to be damaged by potential spilled food, accidental kicks or dents from the many feet walking by and is subject to rigorous cleaning regimes and often harsh chemicals. Fortunately, hygienic cladding is the perfect product for this task, when applied by a highly skilled professional team.

Hygiene rooms

Hygienic cladding has been well used in hygiene rooms such as first aid rooms at schools. The rooms have to be ready for any kind of emergency and can also be used as a waiting room for an unwell student or a member of staff. In these situations, the hygienic cladding has to fit the bill as both hygiene and protection option but also from the design point of view, by creating a calm and soothing atmosphere. Altro Digiclad may be a great option in such environments also!

(Milton Keynes paediatric emergency department, UK, image courtesy of Altro)

Classrooms and labs

Whether you’re looking to improve the splashbacks in Science labs, walls in Food Technology rooms or an overall spruce up in Arts & Design classrooms, hygienic cladding can cover all design requests. One of our suppliers, Trovex, has done a wonderful update of the Food Technology room and shower area at Kingshott School in Hitchin. All internal walls have been cladded in Trovex Diamond for maximum cleanability and hygiene.

(Kingshott School, Hitchin, UK, image courtesy of Trovex)

Wall protection and corner protection in corridors and heavy traffic areas

Hygienic cladding is supremely mouldable and it can be used to cover half or a whole wall. We’ve also seen and applied hygienic cladding on the pillars and corners in high footfall areas, like hallways or entry ways. Doors and plaster boards surfaces in particular can see serious use and be damaged by everyday traffic of people. We’ve used Altro Fortis in our projects, to provide valuable protection for walls and it is also lower maintenance than painting and upkeep providing important lifecycle cost benefits.. Altro Fortis Titanium is dense, impervious to scuffs and dents and thanks to its lightly textured surface keeps looking fresher for longer. It is a great solution for schools looking to invest in a robust but good looking product that will keep the maintenance costs down.

(Ysgol Bro Teifi school , UK, image courtesy of Altro, Altro Whiterock )

Bespoke Work

We’ve installed Altro Whiterock Satin and Digiclad, in a creative design of a running man and a leaping gymnast at a private school in North London. These designs on the hygienic cladding are unusual and definitely eye catching. We always enjoy working with designers and our customers’ concepts to deliver a vision very specific and tailored to their needs. 

Other examples of favoured bespoke work would include: school logos, mottos, branded artwork, wall signage with specific design to match with the overall school image 

Many of our teams are DBS accredited to work in the education sector and GOSS are experienced and capable of working to tight schedules. We understand how challenging it is, to carry out a project whilst ensuring that the school operates as normal – or, in these strange times, as per the new normal! We will work with you on design, deliverables and the fine details, ensuring your hygienic cladding project will be all you’ve wanted and completed to the highest quality finish.

We’re experts in hygienic cladding; hygienic coatings and wall protection, with over 31 years experience in this field, we are confident we will be able to fulfil your requirements, on budget and on time. Goss Environmental Coatings are recommended Altro Whiterock installers, Trovex Select Installers and Approved Construction Specialities Acrovyn installers, fully CHAS, ISO9001 and CSCS accredited, offering a range of hygienic fabric installation services.

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