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‘To fibreglass or not to fibreglass! That is the question’


Here is some useful guidance from the CS web-site in relation to Wallglaze hygienic coatings reinforcement options:


How can fibreglass reinforcement improve your wallfinishes?


Boosts coating impact & abrasion resistance


Conducts heat away from the source to protect the coating from localised bubbling (steam cleaning/ swimming pool halls)


Protects coatings from pressure changes between adjacent rooms


Extends the lifecycle of the coating even further


See the full guidance information at:



We’ve been installing Trovex Diamond for nearly 5 years and it’s been a pleasure working with this customer focused and dynamic supplier.

In our experience, Trovex Diamond has proved to be a  superb product for a hygienic surface for food, health, pharma, leisure and commercial environments. Most of our clients have taken the product forward to additional projects, after first use.

It’s tough enough to offer all-around pure protection in the most demanding environments. But it’s great-looking and exceptionally easy to keep clean too, with an almost seamless appearance and absolutely no grout. Trovex has produced an interesting/expanding and aesthetically pleasing colour range including: Ambience; Radiance; Brilliance all providing an interesting contrast, alongside Satin white.

Trovex Diamond offers exceptional resistance to impact, spills and stains, while the built-in power of Bactiban™ prevents bacteria, whether on walls or ceilings.

In addition to its impressive benefits, Diamond’s success rests on its versatility. It can be thermo-formed around corners, married up with stainless-steel surfaces or formed into ultra-hygienic doorsets – providing a stunning finish, guaranteed.

Trovex Diamond is perfect for safe, stylish and hygienic food-preparation areas


Trovex Diamond can be used to create surfaces in leisure environments that are pure, fresh and invigorating


Trovex Diamond is suited to sterile clinical areas, with Bactiban™ resistance to rot and bacteria built-in


However, as with all high-performance products, it should be installed properly and ‘installed to last’ – with proprietary fixing adhesives and methods as recommended by the manufacturer.

Trovex has a network of Trovex Select Installers throughout the UK including Goss Environmental Coatings Ltd, so get this great product installed by great installers and the product will be on your walls for a long, long time, looking and performing brilliantly!